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The story behind the e-book...
As a Holistic Health Coach, I couldn’t wait for the day when I would start making my baby’s food at home. But ironically, when that day came I was totally at a loss and scared to the point where I was frozen with confusion. Was I supposed to feed him at 4 months old like my pediatrician suggested, even though it felt so wrong to me? Could I skip the rice cereals and instead try more nutritious foods? What can a baby eat and not eat? When I do feed him? Do I offer purées or large chunks of what we’re eating? What if he chokes? Spoon or no spoon? Sippy cup or no sippy cup? Do I even give him sips of water?

The questions were endless. I would put him to sleep each night and scroll through websites and moms groups on my tablet looking for answers until I fell asleep. I was able to gather lots of information and learn a great deal, but as with anything on the Web, I became much more confused. To further frustrate me, as with anything parenting-wise, I realized that there was not just one way to feed your baby.

After weeks of this dizzying feeling of confusion, I put all of the notes I had taken aside and promised myself to give up searching online. I sat down and made 3 pages of notes of all of the things that really stood out to me after being bombarded with so much information. I also referenced the nutrition books that line my office. Some of the most trusted professionals and doctors in the holistic-minded realm have offered priceless knowledge regarding this subject because they understand the importance of nourishing a baby from the start and throughout childhood.

1. How many recipes are in this eBook?
    -17 wholesome recipes!

2. Are the recipes vegetarian?
    -Out of the 17 recipes, there are 12 vegetarian ones (may contain butter or goat/sheep's milk yogurt or kefir), and 7 vegan ones (or recipes that can be made vegan by simple substitutions). 

3. My baby isn't a baby anymore! Will this book still be helpful?
    -Absolutely! Many toddlers squeal when they're served a meatball or smoothie pouch from this book. Many of the recipes can be offered to your child as they grow. The greens especially are prepared in a way for their palate to crave them rather than avoid them. 


After having my third baby, I thought I knew everything about the first foods babies should eat. However, this beautiful and educational book has provided me with wonderful new recipes and ideas that have inspired me to get a bit more creative this time around! - Sarah B.

Lauren's book is just what I needed right now since I'm just about to start feeding my daughter. I was relieved to hear that another mom had similar confusion and fears around what and how to feed her baby. I already picked a few of the recipes to make and freeze so that when my baby is ready for food I've got some real food options all set to go! - Christina G.

This book is really awesome! The time, effort, and love Lauren put into sharing her experience with Hanley's first foods is a super resource for all new moms. She has done her research. Lauren's personal touches will help any mom make the right nutritional choices, feel so much more at ease and even have fun cooking/preparing for their babies. I am excited to share her book with all my friends and family that are new moms and I am also making some of these recipes for my 4 year old daughter! - Audra R.


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